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We understand that signage for a project of any scale can be difficult to bring together. At TouchSign we acknowledge this and offer our clients a full range of services to ensure peace of mind. Our design studio will provide you with a full graphic design service. Each project is viewed independently with energy and enthusiasm. Our designers are ready to assist in the realization of the client's needs. Our company structure means, we are able to step into your signage project at any stage, from design to installation, giving you the best possible service.

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Site Survey & Planning

We understand the importance of working with other professionals like shop fitters, architects and interior designers to make sure your retail signs are of the highest specification and quality. Surveying can be the cornerstone of a successful project. using our team of in-house surveyors, we liaise with site personnel and clients to identify and resolve any site specific issues. Having worked closely with local authority planners. our dedicated planning department ensures that all aspects of your application are dealt with quickly and effectively.

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Project Management

Controlling all aspects of sipn making is crucial to delivering value for money to our customers. Through continued investment in our manufacturing capability, at TouchSign we have driven down manufacturing costs and increased product quality. Our project managers are individually appointed to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. The project manager's responsibilities include client liaison, issuing jobs to production, agreeing installation time schedules arld on-site duties where necessary.

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Once the final design has been approved we'll calculate the projected turn around and arrange an installation / delivery date. Our design and production teams will work closely with our fabrication team, workers, print room, application and assembly teams; to ensure the original concept is conveyed flawlessly.

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Installation& Maintenance

Our dedicated installation team will install your new signage and will liaise with your arranged contact to discuss any access requirements to ensure installations are carried out safely and at your convenience. We strictly adhere to all health and safety legislation.


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